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Strategic Solutions for Human Issues
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Client Reviews

Juanita, both the one on one or small group sessions and the facilitated discussions with leaders were incredibly valuable. Your ability to listen,

ask questions, offer advice, and translate our experiences to real learning and accountability for our leaders was truly incredible. I am often left in disbelief thinking about the transformation you were able to bring given the inherent system oppression and power dynamics that are infused in our workplace and lives. 


One of the qualities that makes your work unique is your ability to be fluid and responsive to your clients' needs and the situations you are called to address. Inherent in this is your ability to listen for what's really underneath surface level concerns. By attending to the deeper issues and avoiding seemingly easy (but ineffective) solutions, you are able to facilitate real change, both for individuals and organizations. This work is only possible because of your fundamental understanding of and ability to communicate how power works in relation to leadership, race, gender, and oppression more broadly. 

Tara Sonali Miller

Students for Education, Equity, and Direct Services

Reed College

My staff and I had the incredible opportunity to work with Juanita for a full year. When the project first started, we anticipated that we would learn and grow in our understanding of power dynamics, communication, and conflict transformation, which we did, but I don't think any of us could visualize at that point how truly powerful, healing, and transformative our experience working with Juanita would be. 


I have worked with a number of facilitators and consultants over the years, usually for one-time trainings or short term consultation on particular strategic projects or issues. What made our experience with Juanita unique is her personal and relational approach. Juanita has a powerful ability to draw individuals out in an empathetic and yet challenging way, mirroring back truths that need to be heard and perhaps strengths and opportunities that we might not be able or ready to see. 

Dayspring Mattole, M.ED

Assistant Dean for Inclusive Community

Reed College

I find working with Juanita Range a joy. Her ability to find the underlying issues to evaluate a situation with clear eyed, empathetic understanding helps me better grapple with myriad challenges posed by complex working environments. She has helped me more clearly understand my own motivations, which provided me a measure of control over reactions not previously available. She also helps me understand how best to alter negative patterns and establish positive ones, and her presence in my life has been an unexpected blessing.

Heather Sidener

DVM Head, Clinical Medicine Unit

Oregon National Primate Research Center

Working with Juanita was transformational both personally and professionally.  She helped me understand issues around power, race, and supervision with much more clarity.  She was both challenging and supportive as our team worked through difficult, emotional material and issues. She provided many "a-ha" moments during our time together which helped me as I learned to work with my staff differently. My eyes were opened to the experiences of women of color on our team in much deeper and more authentic ways than they had been. 


Our team has gained the ability to trust more, approach equity issues in new ways, and has grown together in ways that make our team feel more cohesive. Now that our time with Juanita has come to a close, we are equipped to continue this work on our own and we continue to improve.


Kristin Holmberg

Director, Office for Student Engagement

Reed College

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