Strategic Solutions for Human Issues

Gary Slac

What I have come to realize through my mediation practice is that conflict is not, necessarily, negative and something to be avoided.  Conflict can be a catalyst for growth and change.  Through the development of listening and interpersonal communication skills people can come together to design a better future.    


My focus is to create an environment where this enhanced connection can occur.  I am dedicated to providing a safe space for parties to arrive at their own, best, solutions; ones that come out of an honest and direct interaction.  These solutions do not require compromise.  They allow both parties to create an entirely new construct; one that is a product of an alignment of underlying needs and interests.  This alignment leaves everyone feeling heard and validated.   It is always an honor to be part of this process. 

I am a highly intuitive and caring person.  I bring my skills and my heart to the table. I believe that all people are able to move and grow and change.  I believe in the inherent ability of all people to make informed decisions that are complete and sustainable. 


Gary Slac offers 36 years of small business ownership experience, strong negotiation skills and a deep understanding of business operations, organizational structure, and human behavior.  His professional focus is in workplace, couples/families, construction, real estate, landlord/tenant, and medical mediation.  Gary holds a BA in Psychology from Pomona College and a certificate in Dispute Resolution and Mediation through Marylhurst University.  He has been a licensed Realtor since 1987 and a licensed general contractor since 2001.  

Gary's experience and training in workplace environments and human interaction allow him to successfully help parties discover breakthroughs during the conflict resolution process.  Gary's sincere manner and genuine connection with people allow him to create an environment that welcomes authentic interaction between parties and successful movement in the process.  He donates his time and conflict management skills as a mediator for the Clackamas County Dispute Resolution Services and Multnomah County's Small Claim Court programs.  Gary is the acting president of the Solutions Group and is the co-founder of the first on-campus mediation program at Marylhurst University.  He has been a volunteer at the Portland Housing Center for the past eight years offering consulting and assistance to first-time buyers, and is a board member at the Oregon Mediation Association. 

On his personal clock Gary likes to spend time with his "soul mate" of 30 years and their son.  He also enjoys reading, golfing, gardening, and woodworking.  Gary is a standing member of the Oregon Mediation Association, NAR, OAR, and PMAR.

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