Strategic Solutions for Human Issues

Michael Hulshof-Schmidt

As a mediator, educator, and equity/diversity advocate, I am fortunate to travel on my journey of increased awareness with an open heart, an open soul, and the ability to hold a great deal of tension and messiness, as this work we do individually and collectively is messy work; messy work that yields greater vulnerability, love, compassion, empathy, and unity.


Michael is a renowned Social Justice Advocate. He has extensive experience providing challenging and collaborative equity and inclusion consulting.  He has a deep understanding of culturally responsive work and the impact

of intersectional identities. Michael has worked in a wide variety of environments including non-profit social service agencies and organizations, private and public K-12 education, colleges, and educational consortia. In all of these environments,


Michael has been a champion of social justice and has had some formal responsibility for the evolution and care-taking of institutional cultures. Michael teaches Social Justice at the Portland State University School of Social Work.


He has formal training in research practices, diversity work, mediation, and education. He has learned and implemented best practices for team building and diversity/equity training, providing consulting to agencies and businesses both large and small. Michael applies a combination of Anti-Oppressive Practice, Eco-Feminist, and Intersectional theories as well as Critical Race Theory (CRT) to inform his operational framework.

Michael’s mission is to create and sustain conversations around race, gender, privilege, and LGBT issues: to speak one’s truth respectfully and with honor.