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Increase Productivity

with Comprehensive Strategies

RMC Consulting Philosophy

Our consulting philosophy is to provide sound, objective, and frank assessments and feedback. Our process guides you through tough decision making obstacles and complex organizational dynamics. We help you uncover hidden opportunities and develop action plans that are realistic and achieve desired results.


Individual & Organizational
  • Change Management

  • Conflict Culture

  • Communication Processes

  • Creativity Development

  • Diversity/Inclusion Facts vs Intentions

  • Employee Engagement 

  • Group/Team Cohesion & Effectiveness

  • Personality Conflict & Communication

  • Preference-Assessments


Small & Large Groups
  • Mediation Services

  • Race Awareness Development

  • Transition and Change Management

Organizational Effectiveness

  • Communication & Conflict Assessments

  • Communication/Conflict Consulting, Coaching, and Development 

  • Communication & Conflict Coaching associated with addiction recovery

  • Creativity, Communication, Conflict Style Assessment and Analysis

  • Divorce Mediation 

Small Business Consulting

  • Strategic Planning

  • Sales & Marketing Analysis

  • Organization

  • Cost Management

  • Inter-Department Communication

  • Team Building

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