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Better Living Through Learning


E-WKE Training
Embrace Wisdom, Knowledge, and Experience.

Combined Racial Discussions based on research by Juanita Range.

Group to Team Dynamics
Evolving your group into a Team
Advanced race awareness and action program.

Race Fragility causes and cures.

Applying Assertive Communication 
to Conflict.

A Refreshing and Effective Approach to Learning

Our workshops are interactive, inclusive, and designed to evoke learning, laughter, and transferability to real life needs. We invite participants to stretch, to go deeper, and to walk out more efficient than when they first walked in.

The RMC Workshop Series

A Refreshing and Effective Approach to Learning

Shaking Hands with the Elephant in the Room
Race Fragility: Causes & Cures

Shaking Hands with the Elephant in the Room in full is a four hour workshop adapted from Robin DiAngelo's White Fragility research, and framed around the impact of social constructs. Range Mediation & Consulting applies a compassionate and comprehensive approach to addressing the difficulty and discomfort associated with discussing  and managing race and diversity dynamics. 

The Race Lab
Advanced race awareness & action program

The Race Lab is an eight hour intensive and interactive program drawn from socialogical , communication, and human research. The program helps participants to safely explore their individual participation in the system of racism and uses those uncovered awarenesse's to increase  skills needed to apply exsisting racial and cultural knowledge effectively.

The Happening of Change
Managing change that needs to Happen

This workshop combines nuts & bolts knowledge with skills necessary for recognizing, coping and managing inevitable life, professional, and personal changes. It addresses how transition is perceived, and causes of conflict resulting from change. Participants walk away more equipped to manage natural and unexpected changes.

Addressing race issues can be uncomfortable. These effectively compassionate workshops honor the need for all people to learn about, and safely discuss race. In these workshops participants deepen understanding of the system of racism, broaden ability to respectfully discuss race, discover racism’s personal impact, and increase their ability to make more informed decisions.




E-WKE Training
Embrace Wisdom, Knowledge, and Experience

Diversity is so much more than race.There are visible and invisible components to diversity.  Diversity without inclusion is wildly ineffective. Embrace wisdom, knowledge, and experience training helps organizations and families discover the value in each individual's offering. E-WKE is a 21st Century Diversity Training that supports management of human issues that can arise when diversity and inclusion are implemented. 


The Impact Series
Combined Racial Discussions
Leadership, Power, and Influence
Being human inside the leadership dynamic

What defines good leadership? What’s more important power or influence? How do you manage your own humanness inside the role of leadership? How much vulnerability is enough or too much? In this workshop participants discuss and address core components of leadership while uncovering ways to improve as leaders.


Group to Team Dynamics
Evolving your group into a team

Teams are developed, not instantaneous. A group of people operating together on a regular basis does not make them a team. This workshop helps managers, professionals, and business owners identify the group process dynamics essential for evolving a group of individuals into a cohesive team. Participants learn to assess whether what they have is a group or a team.

Excuse Me?! 
Applying assertive communication to conflict

Conflict is inevitable, even necessary for positive change. This workshop helps participants identify conflict and communication styles. Participants learn to apply assertive communication and communication behavior, to move beyond aggression, passive responses, and typical fight or flight responses.

Why Yell?
Communicating beyond anger

Anger can be a legitimate reaction that can fuel positive change or can feed our egos by spotlighting other’s faults, instead of our own. In this workshop participants learn to ask meaningful questions, clarify differences, and decrease arguments even when anger is the initial response.

Who Am I? Who Are You? Discovering Blind Spots

In this workshop participants learn and pratice communication skills in ways that can deepen trust in relationships and group/teams. Positive, safe self disclosure and feedback can actually help us to better understand ourselves and our flaws. This increased understanding can strengthen navigation and connections within groups and relationships.

Understanding Racial Dynamics
Parenting with bi racial dynamics

Racism is a real social issue. At its core it's an external issue but it's embedded in our lives and realities whether we are aware, or not. Parents may love beyond these dynamics, butcomprehensive racism awareness can enlighten them to their own racial participation and empower them to support their children who may experience different social realities.

What attendees are saying

I really appreciate the work you put into this. It certain helped me open my eyes.Thank you for addressing this sensitive topic.

 Race Fragility Workshop

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