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Strategic Solutions for Human Issues

Juanita Range

I Learned quite early that conflict is natural and unavoidable. I also learned the power of and within communication. Communication can promote healing and hurt, build and destroy. These facts inspired me to combine my enthusiasm for organizational behavior with my interest in the complexity of human beings.


My vision for Range Mediation and Consulting is that we inspire human beings to find balance between naturally being and social navigation, and to uncover solutions for their unique needs. The work we produce, the positive movement we support, and the impact we create, are all shaped and informed by this hope and these dynamics.


Wonderful life changing opportunities are sometimes tucked inside the oddest places. When we slow down and listen, improve our communication skills, create a space to decrease and effectively manage conflict, we increase opportunities to tap into our innate creativity and purpose, and to be "Positively Productive".

My hope for all people seeking personal change, improved life navigation, and continuous growth... is discovery of YOUR formula for balance.  YOUR creation of a life lived authentically, completely, and with peace!

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Juanita Range’s professional emphasis is on unraveling issues and conflict generated by human complexity. She coaches, trains, and mediates in workplace environments where she tends to the “intersection of human and organizational” needs. Gently but assertively she guides individuals through constructed social complexities and supports executives, and individuals, meet communication improvement goals. Her practice approach supports client's development of communication and conflict management tools that foster effective movement through conflict. She supports clients to discover and remove limiting beliefs, create alignment of intention and impact, and achieve improved performance and desired outcomes.

When supporting clients through challenging race, equity, and power dynamics she employs a calm, evenhanded demeanor and creates an environment for safe constructive-discomfort and vulnerable communication. She creates

a space that invites opportunities for "hearing" and "being heard" for individuals and between disputing parties. Her primary professional passion and focus is centered in leveraging the positive and negative implications of power held within communication messaging and behavior.


​Her more than 20 years experience in business relations, consultative sales, interpersonal communication, and interest based negotiations cultivated the foundation for her current work and projects. Her focus on solutions allowed her to successfully manage small and large territories of up to 13 states, successfully master multi-million dollar individual and team goals, and most importantly to build cohesion and positive synergy within team environments.

Juanita is skilled in equity and diversity, conflict management, change and innovation management, leadership development, and management/supervisory development. With studies at Portland State University’s Urban Honors program she increased depth and breadth of knowledge gained as a seasoned professional through academic mastery

in areas of Communication, Organizational Behavior, Leadership, and Sociology. Juanita also provides volunteer service to Multnomah County District Court Small Claims Mediation program, and previously volunteered her mediation and negotiation skills to the pilot of Clackamas County Small Claim Court program.  

When away from work she enjoys sharing time and laughter with family and friends, reading, outdoor activities, music, arts, and delving into discussions about “life stuff”.


Equity Consultant 

Communication, Conflict & Executive Coach 




Organizational Development Consultant

Member of:

Oregon Mediation Association

Pacific Sociological Association

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