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E-WKE Diversity Equity Model
"Successful organizations invest in a complete process because following race policies and posting slogans are simply not effective."
Juanita Range

We Help You:

1. Clarify diversity and equity awareness goals which establishes framework to create realistic strategies and plans to meet your organizations needs.

2.  Assess your environment and discover if your team believes your diversity message. Our assessment process helps organizations uncover diversity and race truths by finding what employees are actually experiencing in comparison to what your organization believes  or intends. Organizations and communities can uncover hidden conflict caused by discrepancies between diversity and equity goals and experiences.

3. Create an action plan and close gaps. We help you strategize, plan, implement, and maintain a comprehensive diversity, equity, and race awareness program.

4. Learn-Deepen or gain understanding of 21st century diversity, equity, race, and oppression demands, dynamics, and issues.


We help you shift from diversity and equality intentions and slogans to comprehensive action and maintenance plans that foster equity, diversity, and inclusivity. 

RMC's E-WKE Diversity Equity Model...Because meaning well is not enough.

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