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Range Forward Movement Center

21st Century Approach to Diversity and Equity

In building the framework for this organization, I wanted to offer work that would positively impact people, organizations, and community.


Societal constructs impact each of us in individual and shared ways. I’ve chosen with compassion, grit, and focus to dig for deeper meaning in conflict, for effective ways to push through natural obstacles, and to observe the benefits of shared experiences. I'm deeply focused on complexities of the human condition and the layered entanglements of systems of power that impact opportunities, growth, and peace.


I believe...with personal alignment, compassion, and deeper understanding we can increase respectful engagements and generate Positive Productivity and Forward Movement! 

These examinations and this focus birthed Range Movement Center.

Juanita Range, CEO

Everyone benefits when we deepen awareness and invite effective management of
Diversity, Equity, and Inclusivity
  • When it comes to diversity and equity, just saying it is not enough

  • Move through the constructive tension associated with implementing effective diversity initiatives

  • Invite team members to share perspectives from their authentic identities and encourage them to thrive 

Provide your team tools to communicate through differences.

RMC's  Diversity & Race Approach

E - WKE : Embrace - Wisdom, Knowledge, and Experiences

E- WKE philosophy 

RMC E-WKE (uh - wake) Diversity Equity Model is a revolutionized way to think and talk about Diversity. 

It addresses the impact of racism and oppression on all people and directly attends to  factors that typically hinder the efficacy of diversity initiatives. 

  • We synthesize past and present structures and experiences to look deeper into equity, diversity, and inclusivity in workplace environments and social engagements

  • We connect  several intersections that are historically ignored

  • We attend to the elusive nature of institutional and structural racism

  • We focus on human dynamics that fuel challenges and possibilites

With our Training You Can

  • Create comprehensive strategies and improve long term health and growth of your organization or community

  • Receive support to move through natural discomfort, shame, blame, and stalls associated with meaningful diversity and equity work

  • Engage in a No Shame, No Blame, human focused approach that promotes freedom to be vulnerable and learn, deeper understanding and discussions, productive discomfort, and satisfying progress

"Successful organizations invest in a complete process because following race policies and posting slogans are simply not effective." 

Diversity & Equity 

Society and the face of workplace environments are changing.

Organizations must shift how they attract and retain people.  

Is your organization prepared for the changes?

Forward Movement
  • Societal changes are breaking down old obstacles and creating new ones.


  • Technology is advancing, the social world is shrinking, and workforce demographics and demands are quickly changing.


  • Discrepencies in what's said and done travels quickly through social media and negatively impacts word of mouth marketing and public perception.


  • Organizations that properly manage diversity and equity perform better than counterparts.

What barriers do you see to continuing to develop or implement a strategy for workplace diversity and inclusion?
Middle management fails to execute diversity programs adequately
Budgetary issues prevent greater implementation
Too focused on survival in the current economy
Failure to perceive the connection between diversity & business drivers
Inadequate attention from senior leadership
Other priorities related to managing our workforce currently take precedence
We don't have any barriers to our focus on workplace diversity

Source: Forbes - INSIGHTS

Recent statistics indicate that diverse employees are three times more likely to leave an orgaization
than non-diverse workers because:
  • They don't feel part of the organization

  • They don't feel valued

  • They don't feel they have an opportunity for advancement

  • They feel that cultural barriers exist

  • They believe a competitor is more likely to develop career paths for a more diverse range of employees


Workplace in the 21st Century


Workforce diversity and inclusion as a key driver of internal innovation and business growth.


Provide race training to your leadership team and increase their ability to efficiently identify and discuss racial dynamics common to workplace environments.

Want to move forward?

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