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RMC's 3C's of Positive Productivity

"Ignite the genius in your environment and increase Positive Productivity."

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Why RMC's "3C's of Positive Productivity" is relevant

It's built on a 21st Century model that celebrates genius already housed in your environment.


RMC's 3C’s of Positive Productivity (3C’s OPP) is a comprehensive approach that focuses on four vital components of human navigation. Individually and together the components improve workplace engagement and outcomes. RMC's 3C’s OPP works to develop and align communication habits and messages, to manage core issues in conflict, and to identify and remove creativity blocks. Strengthening each component supports goal achievement, team cohesion, and consistency.


3C's of OPP applies effective solutions to universal problems that plague organizations, individuals, and families.



Systematic Problem Solving

The six steps in this model are arranged in a circle to emphasize the cyclical, continuous nature of the problem solving process. All steps must be followed in order,

beginning with step"1 Define the Problem."

Each step must be completed before the group proceeds clockwise to the next step.

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Workplace Conflict

How much is it costing you?

Conflict in the work place is the single most preventable cause of lost revenue in business.


The costs are a direct result of:

Lowered employee engagement

Increased absenteeism

Employee turnover

Low employee productivity

Diverted resources

Increased stress-related health cost

2.8 hours per week of employee time in the US is spent dealing with workplace conflict.

 Creating a Culture for Proactive Conflict Resolution


  1.  Develop a system that promotes mediation as a first step toward conflict resolution.

  2.  Build a process that constructively and immediately addresses conflict.

  3.  Provide employees tools to communicate with one another, even when conflict exists.

  4.  Create a safe environment which fosters the trust required for employees to communicate issues.  

  5.  Accommodate the need to identify recurrent conflicts, particularly with task - connected employees.

  6.  Establish trust in your mediation and conflict management process, which strengthens team and                group cohesion.


Workplace Conflict
Problem Solving Consulting
Problem Solving Consulting

"Whether you contact us before or after you have an issue or problem you experience improvement in human engagement matters."

Range Mediation and Consulting, LLC is a problem solving consulting firm that supports development of effective communication, conflict, change, and diversity skills for organizations, executives, and individuals.

Diversity is not about race, diversity is about utilizing the synergy created from the wisdom, knowledge, and experience in your environment.

- Juanita

Juanita Range

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