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Be Empowered

RMC helps individuals and professionals acknowledge and develop unique gifts that are naturally within each of us. When we break old ineffective habits we increase ability to mindfully establish new more effective ones. This shift facilitates more intentional decision making which fosters successful outcomes.

"I am no bird: and no net ensnares me; I am a free human being with an independent will."

- Charlotte Bronte, Jane Eyre

We evaluate gaps that interfere with goal achievement. We help you clarify intentions, deeply examine outcomes and get to root causes. Discover what's inside the space between your intentions and outcomes.


We help you notice language and behavior that cause conflict and hinder forward movement.

Improve your ability to manage conflict and difficult discussions. 

Communication & Conflict

RMC is a Problem Solving Consulting firm that supports  development of effective communication, conflict, change, and diversity skills.

For organizations, executives,

and individuals.


Discover the Power Inside of Your Truth

Discover Your Power!

The 21st Century brings with it new thinking and great opportunities for change. It also brings a great deal of noise and a whole new set of social and environmental issues that impact us personally and professionally.

Individuals and professionals come to us to learn and practice skills to manage old and new challenges.

 Join us for valuable discussions and workshops focused on strengthening individual power.


  • Increase effectiveness of internal and external messages

  • Safely discuss challenging topics that increase self-awareness

  • Become more mindful of your core and authentic self

  • Master sitting in productive discomfort and navigating uninvited change


  Exercising individual power impacts, families, communities, organizations, countries...the world!

Raise Your Consciousness and Exercise the Power Inside of You!
Interpersonal Conflict         Intrapersonal Conflict

We all get stuck at one point or another, sometimes our expectation, intentions, or needs simply are not aligned with the outcomes we create.


We commonly think of conflict between two people- interpersonal conflict- but we often forget to consciously address the conflict within us- intrapersonal conflict. This internal conflict is often unconscious and generated by decision making, a need for change, the clashing of old and new habits/beliefs or our need to effectively hear and

be heard. When we discover and manage these conflicts we shift what we can create, become more balanced, and effective.  

With RMC discover how to uncover blind spots, to examine information from various viewpoints, and to identify when you might be experiencing blocks.

Inter & Intra Personal Conflict Coaching

Inter & Intra personal conflict coaching enhances your ability to manage conflict and teaches skills to resolve issues faster and more efficiently.


Coaching develops different thinking about conflict and problem solving.

Inter & Intra Personal Conflict Coaching can help you
  • Improve relationship communication

  • Stay clear and focused in decision making processes

  • Identify and improve old ineffective habits and communication habits

  • Get out of your own way

  • Increase self empowerment

  • Decrease stress associated with intrapersonal and interpersonal conflict

Managing Transition and Change

Change is a process that happens over time or suddenly and unexpectedly. During our lifetime we each experience countless transitions and changes so we all need skills to navigate constructive change processes. 

The Happening of Change

Change can be positive, planned, and invited; or negative, unexpected, and unwelcome. Change is inevitable, we know this but it doesn’t make it easier to accept. Professionally, personally, and in organizations people fear the uncertainty and process of change. 


Effectively managing change requires understanding the process; marriage, child birth, death, aging, career moves, divorce, are all changes that can generate crisis and conflict when managed ineffectively.

Contact us and let us help you create effective strategies to transition into change.

"The Happening of Change" training offers tools to recognize and manage change. It addresses transition and causes of conflict resulting from change.



How are you?

When most people ask how you're doing, they don't really want an answer...We Do.

Contact us for a free assessment.

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