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The Five Key Ingredients of an Effective Apology

Use these 5 tips to move the relationship forward and grow as a person.

Face recognition researcher fights Amazon over biased AI

Facial recognition technology was already seeping into everyday life — from your photos on Facebook to police scans of mugshots — when Joy Buolamwini noticed a serious glitch: Some of the software couldn’t detect dark-skinned faces like hers.

6 Reasons Your Home Office Is Better Than Your Company Office

Instead of focusing solely on money, focus on these key three traits.

rmc_Diversity makes you smarter.jpg
How Diversity Makes Us Smarter

Being around people who are different from us makes us more creative, more diligent and harder-working.

How to Become a Master Communicator by Following This One Rule

If you're ever talking with strangers at a networking event and want to identify the most successful person in the group, look to the one who's quiet but really listening.

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