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in the 21st century


a Melded Work


September 9 - 10  2017

Saturday: 9 am – 6 pm  

Sunday: 9 am – 3 pm

$195 Saturday  

$150 Sunday  

$295 Full Weekend  

$200 each: Five or more members of a group or organization

Reframing Power and Inclusivity in the 21st Century: A Meeting of Minds and Hearts for Today's Professionals

is a two-day weekend workshop that brings together international trainer, author, and Georgetown University Professor Joe Weston’s Respectful Confrontation and RMC's CEO Juanita Range’s Race, Power, Equity, and

Forward Movement.

Melded Works

The two facilitators offer views and tools to go deeper in managing power dynamics, communication, and inner and outer peace. This workshop creates a powerful, engaging experience for participants that generate personal, professional, and societal benefits. The 21st century will not accommodate business as usual. Gain tools to be effective in forward movement as a leader, and as an individual.

Respectful Confrontation

Saturday, Sept. 9th: 9 am – 6 pm

This training offers a number of tools for tackling challenging situations with integrity and clarity leading to improved effectiveness and influence at work and at home, mindful communication, deepening of relationships and collaborations, and resolution of misunderstandings and increased trust.


This training will also shift and reframe views on confrontation, assertiveness, and true power leading to greater self-confidence and peaceful interactions with others. The combination of theory, dynamic exercises, martial arts principles and applicable life tools result in a noticeable shift in behavior and deeper insight into yourself.


To learn more about Joe and his approach

Race, Power, Equity, and Forward Movement

Sunday, Sept. 10th: 9 am – 3 pm

Be guided into deeper thought, honest and vulnerable examination of self and lived realities. Participants learn to align good intentions with outcomes which increases empowerment as individuals and as influencers. Together we practice leaning into and through social tension and discomforts that face us day to day. 


This comprehensive interactive workshop examines how we interact and identify as people. Race, gender, class, and power structures effect our beliefs and actions. Uncover new perspectives and increase skill to communicate and engage effectively with difficult discussions and decision making around race, oppression, and difficult discussions as leaders and in your day to day life.

RPE & FM Co-facilitated by Equity Expert Michael Hulshof-Schmidt, MSW

We don’t talk about our hearts in workplace environments but that doesn’t mean our hearts aren’t impacting us. Mind, body, and heart dynamics associated with social engagement and conflict are real. Liberation requires us to be open, honest, and to learn the power in vulnerability. Join us and practice skills to become more effective in relationships, engagements, performance, and decision making.


Reframing Power and Inclusivity in the 21st Century empowers participants to address current realities and demands then create forward movement in both.

Melded Works Partners

Dates:         Sept. 9, 2017

                    Sept 10, 2017

Cost:           $195 Saturday Only

                    $150 Sunday Only

                    $295 Full Weekend

Group Discount $200 each

5 or more members of a group or organization

Location: 4380 SW Macadam Ave. 

                 Portland, OR 97239

                 In the conference space near the main lobby

Please let us know if special

accommodations are needed.

Scholarships and student discounts available. Contact us to discuss discounts, payment arrangements, and group rates.


If you have any questions about Reframing Power and Inclusivity in the 21st Century.
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