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Mediation agreements vary: not all mediations result in written agreements. Here are a few examples of mediation outcomes:

Court - Sometimes an "agreement" is the decision to go to court. In this case the process of mediation helps parties consider facts, arrive at decisions, and choose options with clarity, decreasing the likelihood of future regrets.


Dropping the matter - Mediation often helps open deep conversation that otherwise feel unsafe. Often parties are able to gain a better understanding of each other's objectives and interests. As a result, parties may decide that dropping the matter will create the most positive impact.


Creative Resolutions - The use of creativity is an important advantage of mediation. Often parties feel stuck and can't envision resolution. Mediation provides time, safety, and flexibility for creative exploration and the development of viable and detailed solutions. Mediated agreements often emerge with ease when parties enter deeper listening and increase understanding.

Potential Outcomes
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